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wpc powerlifting canada Welcome to the Canadian Powerlifting Federation! The CPF is an affiliate of the World Powerlifting Congress (WPC) with affiliates and competitions in 32 countries around the world. The company operating under this trademark creates, produces and sells powerlifting gear, recreational gear and gym training equipment. Select from premium Powerlifting of the highest quality. 2019 Commonwealth Powerlifting Championships in Newfoundland St Johns Canada in September. Scott Bernard. The South African Powerlifting Federation is the only recognised governing body of all Powerlifting in South Africa and is registered with the National Department of Sport and Recreation and is also a member of SASCOC. Powerlifting was becoming international. Each product we innovate undergoes a lengthy research and development process. He has worked with the full spectrum of lifters, from introducing beginners to the sport of powerlifting and sharing his passion to coaching some CANADIAN POWERLIFTING FEDERATION - WPC / AWPC . Many World records were set on July 21st in Detroit. 5 m knee wraps. At minimum the toes must be in contact with the ground, but the feet can be placed flat on the ground if desired. Powerlifting: | | Powerlifting | | | First played | World Heritage Encyclopedia, the aggregation of the largest online encyclopedias available, and the most Montreal (Quebec), Canada. What is your preferred federation? WPC/WPO 9. 1284 pre-entries for the 34-th World powerlifting, benchpress, deadlif, multy-repeat benchpress and armlifting Championship WPC / World Champions Cup AWPC/WAA-2017 (1 RECORD BREAKING WRAPS CERBERUS Elite Knee Wraps are very stiff wrap providing strong cast and stopping power as well as good rebound. Training philosophy, beliefs, and/or Looking for the ideal Powerlifting Gifts? Come check out our giant selection of T-Shirts, Mugs, Tote Bags, Stickers and More. FINAL SALE The Women's tank is made of a lightweight fabric to keep you cool. com WPC - http://www. Find out with our National Records in the Squat, Bench Press, Deadlift, and  WPC Canada Powerlifting. WPC Finish Open 2013. com WUAP - http://www. International World Powerlifting Federation (IWPF) is a global organization for top tier professional powerlifters around the world. Squat. In order to prevent line ups we ask that youuse the following links to book a weigh in spot ahead of time. World Powerlifting Congress (WPC) World Powerlifting Federation (WPF) World Natural Powerlifting Federation (WNPF) International Powerlifting League IPL; Of these federations, the oldest and most prominent is the IPF. These wraps provide an extremely secure fit and eliminate folding, collapsing and pinching. December 8, 2007 APC California Ironman, Fresno, Ca. J Strength Cond Res XX(X): 000–000, 2019—The purpose of this study was to review all scientific publications related to able-body drug-tested classic powerlifting performance since January 1, 2012, and to regroup them into a brief narrative review. In the process, he has set or broken 103 American and 104 world records. 2020 GPC Canadian Powerlifting Championships Regina will be home to the 2020 GPC Canadian Championships and 2020 World Championships More Info to come Shell Shock OFFICIAL Results. Squat (real name Hatfield) who did a competitive squat with 1014 at 225lbs. Please Note! These are a Specialist Powerlifting Wrap! Designed solely for Competitive Powerlifting. World's premier strength sport organization. However, with the constant determination that he has, less than a year later, in June 2018, Chris competed at the CPF Nationals in Barrie, Ontario and qualified as an amateur for the WPC Worlds in GPC World Powerlifting and Bench Press Championships, Calgary, Canada. This was my first international comp and I placed Watch the world's best Powerlifting athletes come together. Entry details. 00 USDPush Pull $75. Featured on CBS “Under Cover Boss” 2013. Greig holds the tenth highest deadlift of all-time at 308 of 859 pounds. WPC. WPC Powerlifting Worlds. 140 NE 5th Street Suite A Warrenton, OR. 40 – $ 45. 0 270. × Federation World Powerlifting Congress (WPC) Location Durban Date 7 - 10 nov 1996 Number of participants 147 ID 143 Views 233 Bench went well and I finally got my 137lb bench easily which I missed at CPF Nationals, so I was thrilled. This event is a forum for debating key industry issues, sharing best practices, and reaching out to key stakeholders. Developed so that all lifters may compete on the same platform. He squatted 909 pounds in the USPF, officially bench-pressed 620 pounds raw, and officially deadlifted 810 pounds raw. In 1999, the WPC started to host drug tested competitions under the AWPC banner, with both raw and  CPU, 2020-08-29, Canada-NB, New Brunswick Provincials, 39. 27. WPC World Championships — My 12-Week Meet Prep for a 1000-Pound Squat. Sep 23, 2014 · TAGS - Powerlifting Emory Rains WPC APF SPF GPC WABDL USPA IPL USAPL IPF WPO XPC RPC IPA RPS UPA RAW 100 RUM 6 USA TEAM DFW NASA THSPA THSWPA APA WPA AAU IOC NCAA NAIA OKC LA RUSSIA POLAND Nov 29, 2006 · powerlifting Powerlifting is a strength sport, consisting of three events: the squat, the bench press, and the deadlift. I’m not looking for a gear or drug debate but I stronly disagree with you. 455. World Raw Powerlifting Federation for North and South America. La asociación española de powerlifting (AEP), la global powerlifting España (GPE) y la world powerlifting congress (WPC). Peter has since become a therapist in human and equine therapy work although he remains involved in powerlifting as the president of the Global Powerlifting Committee ("GPC") of Great Britain, Europe and the World. r/powerlifting: A subreddit for the sport of powerlifting. Send us an email and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. We offer Pro and Amateur Divisions with Raw, Classic Raw, and Equipped Lifting. She is a powerlifting and strength coach, certified personal trainer, nutrition coach, and mental health/ mindset specialist with over 13 years in the field. But, truthfully, my “powerlifting family” is the most important and memorable part of powerlifting for me. net, Canada Sándor Freimann, WPC-WPO Hungary, hungarianpowerliftingcongress@gmail. Below is all information regarding this competition. GPC-CAN, 2020-08-   Canada-AB. Deadlift. In powerlifting, Gordon has won 22 national and 28 world championships in the AAU, USAPL, IPF, USPF, WPF, WABDL, APF, WPC, AAPF, AWPC, USPA and IPL. 132 407 Gary Bobrovitz Canada GPC 2014 148 392 Dale Garlitz USA WPC 09/01/16 165 518 Tony Conyers USA RAW 10/12/18 181 600 Birchmans Pereira Canada GPC 2009 198 525 Ted De Ment USA RPS 05/21/17 220 550 Lenny Creatura USA RPS 08/04/18 242 700 Pat Susco SPF 09/27/14 275 501 Curtis Wainright USA USAPL 02/22/15 308 611 Dan Norton USA USPA 09/22/18 This is a list of world championships medalists in men's powerlifting. 760. TAGS: conjugate style training, My Gameplan for a 1000-Pound Squat, WPC Worlds Meet Prep, Team Canada, Dr. Links Rule book (2020. Newsstand/No Label; Some minor wear on edges and/or rips or marks. The first internationally recognized powerlifting federation was the International Powerlifting Federation (IPF), which still operates today. 2020 GPC Canadian Powerlifting Championships May 1-3, 2020 Regina, SK Click here for more info and entry form. Cup of Ukraine in October WPC Sumy October 1-4 World Cup Germany UP October 5-7 World Cup WDFPF Belgium November World Championship USA WPC 2-8 November World Championship IPF (triathlon) Canada 13-16 November World Championship WPF Austria December 5-6 World Cup Austria UP December 7th International Tournament England National Powerlifting Ranking Lists for 2003 - 2009. All the news about Raw, Classic Raw, Single Ply and Multiply Powerlifting in Canada. 7 was a big day for Alora Griffiths. A PR for the High box squat with the 565 lbs. From the WPO website: Default Canada Only North America Worldwide. In 1973 the first IPF Worlds was held in York, Pennsylvania. 5 — 172. gif, 2012-08-05 10:39  4 Apr 2014 Tested powerlifting exists? If your talking about Powerlifting, the CPF ( Canadian Powerlifting APF (WPC), USPA, probably others too. Click on the link above, and Jan 29, 2018 · In Canada it was a plan to eventually do that but it got derailed by the ethics committee (because it is unethical). WPC Egypt. s. We, as a family, would go help at meets (Military Nationals, Collegiate Nationals, Blacksmith Open in Indiana, etc). 2k Followers, 5,563 Following, 136 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from US Powerlifting Coalition (@uspc. Pay Your Registration Fees Online Choose Your Event(s) Full Meet $90. Do you like having 2-3 sweaty men shoe-horn you into polyester, canvas or denim bondage gear. Combinations : Slow digesting protein powders are hard to perfect, so kudos for using five sources of protein to get it just right. M. March 29 GPC World Powerlifting and Bench Press Championships, Calgary, Canada. We aim to grow the sport of powerlifting in our regions by offering lifters a place to showcase their strength under fair standards and affordable prices! 2019: Sep 14-21: Commonwealth Powerlifting & Benchpress Championships: St John's, CA: Oct 6-13: IPF World Masters Powerlifting Championships: Potchefstroom, SA GPC - GLOBAL POWERLIFTING COMMITEE. Ken Kinakin, powerlifting coach, Ken Whetham, back pain, Todd Brock, conjugate system, WPC World Championships, powerlifting Feb 23, 2015 · Canadian Powerlifting Association par Réjean Drouin 819-620 6858 ProGym Sherbrooke Sébastien Grenier Christian Savoie. However, you may pre-register for the event to stay up-to-date on the latest registration and WPC news. Results - Best Lifters WPC Rescheduled to June 2021 Due to COVID-19, we have temporarily suspended registration for WPC. October 12, 2016. > 2013-05-02 11:16, 28K. The early 1970s was the springboard for U. Inzer powerlifting belts are Guaranteed Forever! Magyar Professzionális Erőemelő Liga weboldala. If a piece of gear […] WPC Bella Russia: Belgium: WPC Belgium President Jozef Mattens ( WPC-treasurer ) Stefaan Mattens ( WPC-Vice-president ) E-mail: Brazil: WPC Brasil : Bulgaria: WPC Bulgaria: Canada: President Ken Leblanc Independent Powerlifting Association. Right here in this frozen wasteland they call Canada we have WPC, RPS, USPA/IPL, and now WRPF running meets within a few hours drive of me. Keenan Freer, who trains at Titan Gym in Rotherham, struggled at school and home and was going down "a bad path". WPC was established in 1986 for international competitions involving APF ( American England, USA, France, South Africa, Italy, Austria, Canada and Finland. With some fantastic news! World Powerlifting International Executive Committee has taken into consideration the year that  WPC World Open Deadlift Champion (U90kg class, 1st) and Best Overall Open St John's, Canada, Nov 2008; WPF World Open Powerlifting Championships  и Фитнеса Республики Казахстан), WPC Kazakhstan [WPCKZ] (Федерация пауэрлифтинга WPC Казахстан [WPC KZ]), Canadian Powerlifting Association   25 Apr 2017 Welcome to the official web site of Canadian Powerlifting Council This event was a qualifier for both the WPC World Championships and  2019 · World Open Powerlifting Championships 2019 · World Masters Powerlifting Championships 2019 · World Sub-Junior and Junior Powerlifting  Brian Johnston, GPC - Canada, kifitness@telus. Federation: World Powerlifting Congress (WPC) Venue: Canada, Alberta, Calgary: Date: nov 26 – 30, 2003: Powerlifting (129) Bench Press Erica is a competitive powerlifter; She placed 2nd at the WPC World Championshps and gold medal at CPF Nationals 2018. Oct 09, 2014 · November 12, 2014 – Torque Powerlifting members Brett Sanders and Dan Petkovsek will be representing Canada at the WPC World Championships in the 220lb weight class, and 198lb class. Utilizing high volume and a weekly progression schedule, nSuns 531 is another plan perfect for “advanced novice” lifters making the switch Search. Ernie Frantz founded both organizations with a few lifters. Whey is a foundational supplement and supports a huge range of goals for both men and women. amherstpowerliftingclub. I got to travel across Europe, the U. It gave me lifelong friends and connections. Jókaiho 121/16 Lučenec, 98401, IBAN:SK2675000000004019602851 ČSOB a. METAL retailers may be Read More » Oct 26, 2020 · IPF and USAPL approved list of gear, updated for 2020. Just worn a handful of times in gym. 90; METAL King Pro Deadlift Suit $ 248. Mens Powerlifting and Bench Press Records in a format allowing sorting and filtering. The USPA's goal is to provide fitness professionals, coaches, and athletes with the highest level of strength and power educational products for the sport of powerlifting. 7 Apr 2017 He came close in November at the WPC World Powerlifting career in powerlifting, she's so far above anyone else in Canada," said Webber. Before diving into the concepts that will help you start powerlifting, let me briefly tell you who I am: I’ve been a powerlifting coach for the past 15 years and the Head Coach for Team Canada Powerlifting at 7 World Championships. WPC Canada Powerlifting, WPO Canada Powerlifting. Canadian Bruce Greig has died at the age of 56 from injuries suffered in a car accident in Alberta last weekend. 5 kg 75 kg 82. World Women’s Bench Records. If you wish to contact the sport federation, national anti-doping organization or other organization that manages your ADeL account and cannot find their contact information, you can reach the ADeL team via the Contact Us messaging feature on the platform or at adel@wada-ama. 5/men’s size 7. Rádió Smile Fekvenyomó, felhúzó és bicepsz Mikulás kupa – NYÍLT verseny Canadian Powerlifting Federation – by lifters, for lifters Growing the sport of powerlifting and raising the level of competition in Canada to highest world class standards. ) - letöltés GPC - http://www. Whey is a complete protein, meaning it has all nine essential amino acids necessary for protein synthesis. Whetham competes in powerlifting in the 148/165/181-pound weight class, winning her division at the Canadian Nationals and is a three time gold medal champion at the WPC World Powerlifting Championships and recently received best lifter setting 4 new World Records. 2020. 5m and 3m lengths. 5 WPC was established in 1986 for international competitions involving APF (American Federation pauerliftinga). Inzer Forever Belt. POWERLIFTING WPC - SLOVAKIA. The various federations of powerlifting have their own championships. May 18, 2006 · Those stats remind me of Dr. As a coach he has consistently made his athletes stronger. WPC Rule Book. Suicide grip and underhand grip are both allowed. 5 172. I am in search of that 1,000-pound raw total for World’s. -29. www. 2011 CANADIAN NATIONALS & PRO/AM. That's an IPF thing, not a powerlifting thing. 03; METAL Deadlift Slippers (IPF approved) $ 45. com Contact Us. Renfrew Strength and Conditioning Center is a (strength and conditioning) gym Apr 04, 2005 · I like WABDL, APA and APF at this present time. This has involved travel to locations such as South Africa, Austria, England, Canada, Mexico, Australia and the United States. Hello all the Powerlifting competitors, officials and fans! Canada Olympic Park, 88, Canada Olympic Road SW, Greenwood/Greenbriar, Calgary, Alberta, T3B 5R5, Canada Information about the World University Powerlifting Cup from 06. I have lifted at the Arnold’s in 2015 and hope to do so next March. It was a huge success! Blue Collar Barbell was packed! We had people come from all over the country, as well as Nova Scotia Canada, and Iceland! Donnie is an amazing sports performance and rehab specialist! 2XL Powerlifting • Lombard, IL. The reason for the creation of these organizations was that more and more and more lifters were dissatisfied with the treatment of IPF them. I'm pretty sure that the CPU is the only federation in Canada right now that charges a membership fee, the CPF meet I signed up for was a flat fee, EPC is a flat fee. Premium leather construction with either lever or buckle locking mechanisms make this an ideal choice for any serious Powerlifter. 26. , and Canada. The Canadian Powerlifting Federation is a global affiliate of the World Powerlifting Congress (WPC) and includes all 3 lifts - the squat, the bench press, and the deadlift. 82. There’s a legion of 800lb squatters or better that can’t manage a 700 raw squat and don’t even get me started on the bench press! Organizations lifted in: CPF, WPC. 71. 13 Dec 2019 When it comes to powerlifting, there are two basic types:- Raw (in IPF and affiliated federations) / Knee wraps (in WPC, IPL, WPA, etc…) Hailing from Canada, Bryce has been at the top of the game for quite some time now. 672. See photos. November 12, 2014 – Torque Powerlifting members Brett Sanders and Dan Petkovsek will be representing Canada at the WPC World Championships in the 220lb weight class, and 198lb class. The best powerlifting shoe in the markets! Very high quality manufacturing! Real leather! Please contact the seller before placing an order to check the correct size (gometal@gometal. New data has allowed for a rebalancing Potomac Open Powerlifting & Bench Press-Deadlift-Strict Curl-- (First 70 lifters to enter) Online Entry Form: Tyson’s Playground Tyson’s Corner, VA: John Shifflett: Results: 03/07/20: NC State Championships-Raleigh: Raleigh, NC: President, Paul Bossi: Results: 03/14/20: NY Single Lift Challenge: UHS Vestal, NY: Andrew Long: Results: 6/27/20 2020 WPC Affiliate Standings The following countries have paid their 2020 WPC Dues, are in good standing, and are valid for WPC competitions for the 2020 calendar year. Mar 19, 2020 · Avi Silverberg, Head Coach Team Canada Powerlifting. 3. Greig organized and hosted the 1999 and 2003 WPC World Championships. SPECTATORS to your collection. February 1999 Powerlifting USA Magazine Back Issue WPC Worlds. Sold as a Pair; Cerberus REBOUND Knee Wraps are perfect for: Powerlifting (3m Now Approved in WPC/BPU since Jan 2018) Approved for: The American Powerlifting Committee is the U. Raw. worldgpc. com). Store-US; Store-FI; Delivery Terms; 2019 WPC Maailmanmestaruus; 2019 WPC Finnish Nationals; 2018 METAL The OpenPowerlifting project aims to create a permanent, accurate, convenient, accessible, open archive of the world's powerlifting data. CWFHC. How to add attempts photo and video. Available in 2. 100% RAW Powerlifting Federation Canada, is Canada's top drug free powerlifting federation. The APC was formed in 2003. Feb 06, 2017 · A good session today. USA-FL. WPC Canada Powerlifting is a global affiliate of the World Powerlifting Congress (WPC) and includes all 3 lifts - the squat, the bench press, and the deadlift. 5 bodyweight) with a men’s world record bench at 705 lbs in Calgary, Canada. 2018 IPF Worlds Sub Juniors and Juniors in South Africa in September. 15 Jul 2019 Bhavna Tokekar wins Gold Open Asian Powerlifting Championships at the Open Asian Powerlifting Championships of AWPC/ WPC held at Chelyabinsk, Marijuana Worth Rs 50 Lakhs From Canada In Post Office Parcel  World Championships Powerlifting Canada Scotland ? WPC - Competitions. Search For Powerlifting Meets by Federation, State, Country and Date. When nutrition is dialed in, you are… The industry standard in resistance bands - choose from a wide range of strengths. Whey Protein. The WPC WPO Championships were a multi-ply meet, and Hoff has which put the rest of his powerlifting season in doubt. Auto Detailing Service. Nov 16, 2016 · Mon, Nov. The maximum weight lifted in each event is totalled for a final score; lifters compete in bodyweight classes. com · FORT Strength Performance Centre | Kingston 24 Hour Training Facililty | Kingston Powerlifting | Kingston Fitness. 90; METAL 2 Color Singlet (IPF approved) $ 82. Federation . Powerlifting Resume • Competed in more than 60 powerlifting contests • Official Guinness Book of World Record Sumo Deadlift Record Holder • WPC World Champion 90kg Overall (2011) • Current WPC World Record Holder in Bench Press in the 90 kg weight class • All time Masters Raw bench press record holder 529 lbs at 90 kg/198 lbs METAL is a Finnish trademark that was registered in 1997. WPC Canada helps our members stay connected and informed about the oil and gas industry worldwide, primarily by organizing the Canadian presence at the tri-annual World Petroleum Congress. 2nd Place World Champion Powerlifting, Helsinki Finland. Results Powerlifting Results Bench Press P L USA Report Pictures. It gave me my relationship with Shannon, which led to our incredible son. WPC Center for Government Reform. Pre-Owned. 00 $ 36. ABPU and BPU Referees and Rules. IPA National Champion Powerlifting and Best lifter. We offer lifters a choice in the equipment they wish to wear and compete in. 00 $ 33. In the case of Yevgen Yarymbash, he switched to the WPC while Ukraine was serving a two year suspension for repeated drug offences, and competed in the same contests as IPF banned lifter, Oleksandr Kutcher. Oct 23, 2020 · 25g of a proprietary blend, containing whey protein concentrate, whey protein isolate, whey protein hydrolysate, micellar casein, and egg albumin. Sun, Oct 25, 9 Powerlifting USA January 2006 Vol 29 #4 - Benedict Magnusson at WPC Championship. 5. Building Materials. This time Dubai hosts the IPF World Open Championships and the competition is going to be fierce. 08. For most of my guests, it’s the first time they’ve agreed to a two-to-three-hour interview. There were only 47 entrants: 1 from Sweden, 1 from Puerto Rico, 2 from Canada, 1 West Indian, 8 from Great Britain, and the were rest American. Australia took out the team title over home nation Canada and provided the two Best Lifters, Elizabeth Craven and Tony Reinmuth. MAJOR 2020 WPC CANADA & WPC EVENTS Oct 24, 2020 · We provide competitive and outstanding Powerlifting meets, and are successfully known as “a lifter’s organization. That is why we have put together a list of the 5 best power lifting belts and weight lifting belts of October 2020. There is no excusing the egregious, racist actions undertaken by Ano Turtiainen the founder of Metal powerlifting. 00 USD In 2004 the WPC became the Global Powerlifting Committee due to Ian Morris and Tregloan having to go to court over the old name. Current WPC (World Powerlifting Congress) RAW world record holder in the squat(374/407lbs), bench(192/198lbs), deadlift(440/451lbs) and total(1008/1051) in the 82. Update. World Women’s Curl Records. The best knee sleeves, wrist wraps, knee wraps and power gear. Sports League. ca A group of lifters based in Amherst, NS competing in the Canadian Powerlifting Federation (WPC aff) A unique training facility located in Amherst, NS catering to powerlifters and strength athletes to give them a place to train, free from the prejudices of commercial gyms, in an environment designed to aid in preparing the lifter for competition. Name Position Email Country; Milos Cecanovic: Montenegrin Association of powerlifting En España podemos competir en powerlifting en cualquiera de las tres asociaciones que hay actualmente. Best Powerlifting Belt. Lifters from outiside Canada must register through their national GPC affiliate. 4889 Contact Us: Click Here Address: 1120 Huffman Rd Ste 24 #223 Anchorage, AK 99515 World Women’s Powerlifting Records. AWPC-Worlds-2012. Her goal is to provide those in need an opportunity to change their lives and become empowered through the sport of powerlifting. WPC Canada WPC Croatian. 26-27 in St. 100% Raw It is the sole intent of the Revolution Powerlifting Syndicate to provide powerlifting competitors an environment in which they may compete at their highest level utilizing the best possible equipment and conditions to perform the squat, bench press and deadlift in the presence of three qualified referees and judged to the long standing and integral criteria of the sport of powerlifting while Super performance powerlifting belts, powerlifting gear, weightlifting belts and workout belts for powerlifters, bodybuilders and weightlifters. ”That's how Abbi Whiteland, 17, described her results at the WPC Powerlifting World Championships in Florida last weekend, but she  Through competing in powerlifting she learned that becoming physically Supporting over 108 programs that engage bodies and minds across Canada, you will Current WPC (World Powerlifting Congress) RAW world record holder in the  Name · Last modified · Size · Description · Parent Directory, -. Dec 10, 2015 · Here is my trip to Vancouver, Canada, where I competed at the Commonwealth Powerlifting Championships in the 3 lift competition as a 52kg junior. Drug Testing The CPF has  National Championships. Women’s size 8. Apr 07, 2017 · He came close in November at the WPC World Powerlifting Championships in Baton Rouge, La. I’ve worked with first-time powerlifters to World Champions. The federation hosts competitions which allow multi-ply equipment, but hosted a Raw world championship for the first time in 2009 WPC Affliliation Certificate. This 2013 WPC Championship was massive! Prague was the largest attended WPC Championship ever! The amount of lifters and countries attending were record breaking. things are moving along nicely. × Weightlifting belts are a position recommended for strength sports fans. 498 Me gusta. C $15. Several of my nights were passed midnight. The Best Powerlifting Gear and Powerlifting Belts In The World. org and they will provide it to you. WPC UK International Open Folkestone 1 - 2 sep 2012. Rated #4 in all NC!! 2003 WPC powerlifting World championships November 29, Calgary Canada. , and this is not to mention the various olympic lifting champions out USPA Powerlifting Foundation The USPA Powerlifting Foundation is a non-profit organization in Irvine, CA. When done properly, both of these ends are met simultaneously. No Supportive Equipment & No Drugs – This is 100% RAW POWERLIFTING!. Hello all the Powerlifting competitors, officials and fans! 24k Followers, 444 Following, 1,454 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Федерация пауэрлифтинга WPC (@wpc. Squat B. 00 USDBench Only $50. The amount of staff, judges, officials was the highest ever, I thank all that took 1,975 Followers, 894 Following, 728 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from CAPO Powerlifting Australia (@capopowerlifting) May 20, 2014 · Blue Collar Barbell hosted a David Hoff and Donnie Thompson Bench Press/Performance Sports Clinic on May 17th, 2014. Drug Testing The APC does not drug test. Find the best resistance bands for powerlifting, weightlifting, bodybuilding, crossfit and more HERE at EliteFTS. The Amateur (drug tested) division of the WPC. Just two months later, Sumner was back Canada. WPC/APF; 505 Westgate Drive, Aurora, IL 60506 METAL Powerlifting gear and apparel ☰ Navigation. 00 $ 159. There is no “or” here. July 2020 in Sarjah, UAE - CANCELLED 2020 GPC World Powerlifting Championships October 17 - 18, 2020 Schedule update: Info Entry Form For Canadian Lifters. Visit Site Revolution Powerlifting Canada. The racer back style fit is best for comfort during your workout or on rest days. Understanding what equipment is approved for use is an essential part of any powerlifting competition. These Records are current at 24 November 2010. Lifters in the CPF may lift raw with a belt only and wrist wraps for benching or in single ply equipment or in multiply eq The World Powerlifting Congress (WPC) is a powerlifting federation hosting meets around the world. Welcome to the official page of the Canadian Weightlifting Federation — Bienvenue à la page officielle de l’haltérophilie Canadienne In his first official powerlifting meet, Greg set the national record in the bench press for both juniors and seniors on his opening attempt, lifting 342 pounds at a weight of 148 pounds. 283 likes · 3 talking about this. 541 likes. 🏆World Powerlifting Champion WPC 2017! 🔹МСМК по пауэрлифтингу и жиму лёжа! 🔹Тренирую дистанционно. , there are a few powerlifting big boys named mccarthy, but I don't know who off the top of my head. In July 2017, two months before the WPC World Powerlifting Competition in Chicago, Illinois, he tore his Achilles, which took him out of Worlds. WPC was established in 1986 for international competitions involving APF (American Federation pauerliftinga). 3a. WPC Georgia. pl) Definitions of wpc, synonyms, antonyms, derivatives of wpc, analogical dictionary of wpc (English) Squat. wuap-powerlifting. 2013_WPC_World_Champ. Shop high quality Powerlifting T-Shirts from CafePress. WPC FEPOA - Federacion de Powerlifting Argentina CANADA GPC-Canada Brian Johnston WPC/WPO Russia Yuriy Ustinov . Bench. 2014-11-10. com, Hungary. , CMRP, 7 time World Powerlifting Champion and APF Board Member and Illinois State Chair Eric Stone, CSCC. a Gear and drugs have so perverted powerlifting that you could actually feign a sneeze at a 1600 raw total. 1,511 likes · 3 talking about this · 399 were here. December 1, 2007 APC Orlando Muniz-Zacca Memorial Powerlifting and Bench Press Championships, Pembroke Pines, Florida 33028. 10. Powerlifting. Sort. He also holds the Master 40-44 and Master 45-49 deadlift WPC World Records at 308. Winner WPO Bench Bash for Cash, Orlando, FL. So begins the PowerliftingToWin Nutrition Series! Nutrition, in powerlifting, primarily serves two purposes: 1) performance enhancement and 2) weight management. 26. See great designs on styles for Men, Women, Kids, Babies, and even Dog T-Shirts! Free Returns 100% Money Back Guarantee Fast Shipping History of WPC. 26~. At the meet, lifters had the opportunity to break WPC world records and state and national records through the WPC's American affiliate, the APF (American Powerlifting Federation). CafePress brings your passions to life with the perfect item for every occasion. 248. All Canadian lifters looking to compete at WPC or AWPC Worlds or other international competitions, or compete with the WPO must qualify at a sanctioned WPC Canada meet. 10. Lifter Entry Form – due date May 20, 2011 Saturday & Sunday June 4, 5, 2011 Montreal Barbell, 289b Boul Harwood, Vaudreuil-Dorion, Quebec, Canada www. Share WPC Worlds - Sun 10/25 SPECTATORS with your friends. lifter who deadlifted 765lbs. It comprises federations from over 100 countries located on six continents. Top Rated Seller Top Rated Alberta Canada: Results: 11/01/2019 - 11/03/2019: 2019 World Single Lift Championships: Virginia Beach, VA: Paul Bossi: Results: 11/16/2019: Shenandoah Open: Woodstock, VA: John Shifflett: Results: 11/23/2019: 2019 Holiday Classic (IA) Council Bluffs, IA: Josh Haggin: Results: 11/24/2019: Punjab State Level Bench Press Powerlifting Apr 24, 2017 · Powerlifting has given me more than one person could ask for from a hobby. powerlifting. , when he squatted a world-record 950 lb (430 kg) and was just shy of a legal squat while hoisting 1,000 lb. Powerlifting evolved from a sport known as 'odd lifts' which followed the same three attempt format but used a wide variety of events akin to Strongman events. WPC WORLD Champ PL PB: Sq 365k wraps, BP 255k, DL 340k, OHP 180k, 41x #pullups @112kg #poliquin’s PICP Level 5 @mz_store_com code “WODYN Inaba, Precious McKenzie, Eddie Pengelly, and Ron Collins were making names for themselves. This page is to introduce REVOLUTION POWERLIFTING to all reaches of Canada, and to help facilitate the growth of RPS in the Great White North. 83. 12. Ernesto Milan 954-614-2430. On the day, Castro WPC World Open Deadlift Champion (U90kg class, 1st), Florida, USA, Nov 2018; WPC World Masters 3 (50-54yrs) Deadlift Champion (U90kg Class, 1st), Florida, USA, Nov 2018; IPF World Open Powerlifting Championships (U90kg class- 11th), St John's, Canada, Nov 2008; WPF World Open Powerlifting Championships (U90kg class- 4th), Limerick, Ireland, Nov Since 1981, Titan Support Systems Inc has been leading the charge in innovation and craftsmanship of Powerlifting and Strength products. 2018 IPF World Powerlifting Championships in Sweden in November. 50; METAL Powerlifting Belt (IPF approved) $ 110. ) and athletes (icons of powerlifting, gymnastics, surfing, etc. Date for the 2nd annual event will be announced within the next 6 weeks. Having spoken to Bradie about this before, he chose the USPA/CPL banner because of their ability to simplify things. (a) T he International Powerlifting Federation recognizes the following lifts which must be taken in the same sequence in all competitions conducted under IPF rules: A. That is, you do not need to choose between being strong and fat or weak and lean. 24 Aug 2019 We also had India, Mexico, USA (obviously), Canada, Ireland, Korea, Russia, Armenia, Azerbaijan amongst others there representing their  He is president of the Canadian Powerlifting Federation, has coached events such as Boss of Bosses, Raw Unity, WPC Worlds and the Arnold Sport Festival. 2021 WPC/AWPC European Championships (613) 329-6861 · info@fortspc. The Rockwood native lifted a combined 415 kilograms—enough to earn gold in her weight class—at the World Powerlifting Congress (WPC) in Baton Rouge, La. 66 benchers from 7 states and Canada were in attendance. We have a dedicated team of product engineers and our products are tried and tested by leading strength athletes across the globe. This spreadsheet was current at June 2009. 27. 09. As in the sport of Olympic weightlifting, it involves the athlete attempting a maximal weight single lift of a barbell loaded with weight plates. 00 Oct 25, 2020 · WPC Canada Powerlifting. Yevgen is now serving a lifetime ban from the IPF. Sep 18, 2009 · The same thing I heard from my old frield, who is a big bencher, WPC World champion (google "Oleg Kushnarev powerlifting") - once you started to powerlift, forget about flat bench, he said. 81. News Powerlifting is a strength sport that consists of three attempts at maximal weight on three lifts: squat, bench press, and deadlift. Official VIP Partner METAL Powerlifting Shoes (IPF approved) $ 199. But the point is that Nikonguy needs some kind of a breakthrough and, in my opinion, he should try some radical and non-standard approaches. To our USA Powerlifting family across the country, After continued assessment and intensive tracking of the international COVID-19 pandemic, the Executive Committee has voted to cancel Youth, Open, Bench and Raw Nationals for 2020. vl) USA Powerlifting National Office Phone: 260. Renfrew Strength and Conditioning Center, Elmsdale, Nova Scotia. Britain Powerlifting Federation (GBPF), and the World Powerlifting Congress (WPC) selected for Team GB and is a British and European Powerlifting Champion Dynamo Moscow (179 words) [view diff] exact match in snippet view article find links to article Powerlifting is a strength sport. World Junior Powerlifting Championships 1983 - 2004; World Masters Powerlifting Championships 1982 - 1995; World Games Results 1981 - 2013 . Powerlifting & Bench Press - Men & Women. Oct 24, 2016 · That was post shoulder surgery, so I was a bit hesitant to even put too much weight on my body at that time. With over 500 members, running meets country wide, we offer fun meets with top athletes and opportunities to compete world wide. 1,595 likes · 81 talking about this · 1,071 were here. The IPF was formed to organize the first world power sport. Find the perfect Powerlifting stock photos and editorial news pictures from Getty Images. 300. Fast forward to 2010, when Greg won the WPC World Championships Best Lifter Award, setting a WPC world record for powerlifting. At 22 years of age he was the youngest person in powerlifting history to bench press 600 pounds raw. Their forever belt oozes quality and is purpose made for heavy powerlifting. WPC Czech Republik. Oct 23, 2014 · Chuck Mcconnell 242 Masters Lifter Working on Depth - WPC Powerlifting Squat Training 10/19/14 Anderson Powerlifting Dallas Texas - Titan Dealer http://www. Croatia: WPC Croatia: Czechia: WPC Czechia: Denmark: WPC Denmark: Egypt: WPC Egypt: Estonia May 09, 2013 · WPC: Commands for pressing once the bar is motionless on the chest, and for racking when the bar is locked out. Best advice given to you/ Best advice you can give? Train your weaknesses but don’t neglect your strengths. Todas ellas tienen sus pros y sus contras pero, en definitiva, cualquiera cuenta con grandes competidores. Jill Facts: Likes- time with Layla, Milo, and my dogs. I got sponsored by the best sponsor ever, elitefts. Dec 18, 2008 · Ukranian powerlifters like Kutcher DO NOT train like that even the slightest. Friday AM Friday PM Saturday May 01, 2019 · Likewise, Louis Cyr toured Canada, The early 1900s were a foundational time for powerlifting for one simple reason, it marked a growing interest in who was the strongest. I am not affiliated with the IPF or USAPL in any way. 11. Canada: All Canadian Records Found Here: Denmark: BENCH PRESS RECORDS: DEADLIFT RECORDS: ©2013-2020 100% Raw Powerlifting | Powered by WordPress with Easel Nov 21, 2018 · A 19-year-old powerlifter said he won the world title because the gym "saved him". The World Powerlifting Congress (WPC) is a powerlifting federation hosting meets around the world. 5 kg 90 kg + 90 kg MEN OPEN 56 kg 60 kg 67. com WPO Welcome to 100% Raw Powerlifting Federation, Inc. Oct 23, 2020 · Dear Friends, Dear Member Federations, I trust this message finds everyone well and in good health! I’m both honored and proud to announce that during November 2022, we shall celebrate the 50th anniversary of the founding of the International Powerlifting Federation IPF). com Originally developed on the Reddit Powerlifting subreddit, nSuns 531 takes concepts from the wildly-different Wendler 531 Program and Sheiko Powerlifting Routine and combines them into one powerful plan. 55. Explanation of the CPF and WPC Canada Changes: Recent shocking events have rocked the world and the powerlifting community was not immune to their impact. junio 2016 We are not accepting any single entries - all entries must be through the WPC Country Head. The organisers have commitments to sponsors, venues etc and are now running a 3 day event (16th-18th October) to fulfill these commitments and unfortunately it will have to be mainly for Canadian lifters because of the very strict travel restrictions currently imposed by Canada. A local gym that offers 24 access with various sorts of fitness, weight lifting, cardio, martial arts, etc. arm of the World United Amateur Powerlifting. WPC France. 2009 – Being invited to be a part of the USA Powerlifting World Masters Team, competing in the Czech Republic. WPC Cement. 0 WPC-WM 2000 (Powerlifting & Bankdrücken) USA / Las Vegas Powerlifting WOMEN OPEN 48 kg 52 kg 56 kg 60 kg 67. WPC Car Beauty Services. World Women’s Deadlift Records. 97146 Phone: 1-877-226-9060 PRIOR RELEASES. If you're on a desktop, loading the site in Firefox or Chrome will work. Charles. A lot of Canadians would lift in our meets in Ohio. It resembles the sport of Olympic weightlifting, as both disciplines involve lifting weights in three attempts. Part of the company’s profile includes the promotion of powerlifting and related events. 0 735. Perth Athletic Centre, Perth, Ontario. Filming a video for the WPC Canada website today about myself, they want to post it on the site and do a couple follow ups as a sort of leading into Worlds video. Traveling, training ,competing (of Sep 13, 2010 · Canada = 11 Competitors 30 More Verbally Committed to Lift as of Wednesday, August 18th Because this is the first time the WPC / AWPC Raw Worlds has come to the USA, the federation(s) involved want everyone to get a chance to compete if they're interested, so please call the promoters asap if you wanna get signed up and they'll do their best to work with you. SPECTATORS with your friends. com Nike Romaleos 4 SE Pale Ivory/Hyper Violet Weightlifting shoes. The mission of the Army Recovery Care Program (ARCP) is to develop, coordinate and integrate the Army Recovery Care Program (ARCP) for wounded, ill and injured Soldiers, Veterans and their Families or Caregivers to promote success in the force or civilian life. The AAU had run powerlifting in the beginning. As of August 2020, WPC Canada Powerlifting is your WPC/AWPC/WPO Canadian Affiliate. 520. montrealbarbell. Countries not appearing on this list please review the membership forms here and contact the APF Secretary Amy Jackson to update your dues and for more information: amyjackson podpore našich členov formou 2% dane POWERLIFTING WPC - SLOVAKIA (WPC-SK) občianske združenie IČO: 42305021 sídlo org. WPC Germany. 2020 ?. Saturday / Sunday . About Mike Mike Guay was the strongest and most fearless powerlifter Canada had ever seen. Thomas Gear. What federations have you lifted in? WPC, GPC,USAPL, IPL, WPO 8. Inzer are arguably the most well-known and rated lifting belt manufacturers. 0 200. 2018 IPF World Masters in Mongolia in October. 00 USDDeadlift Only $50. S. There was an error loading JavaScript -- that happens on some Apple devices. WPC Estonia. Federation World Powerlifting Congress (WPC) Location Las Vegas Date 8 - 11 nov 2012 Canada 64. 60 172. PL Women&Men (248) BP Women&Men (92) Pl Lifter Age cls BY Nat Body wt SQ BP DL Total R; Women: Category 44 kg 4,338 Followers, 5,015 Following, 2,577 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from WPC Russia (@wpc_russia) Nov 21, 2018 · A 19-year-old powerlifter said he won the world title because the gym "saved him". . WPC Affiliates International Brothers in Iron Canada. He came to train with METAL MILITIA MONTREAL at Montreal Barbell after general training in a commercial gym and having competed in a few Quebec strongman competitions. 50; METAL Orange Wrist Wraps (IPF approved) $ 52. Store. 00 $ 79. Volunteer. The WPC was established in 1986 and has affiliates in 37 countries. I opened my deadlift at a world record, which I was really excited about, and I finished with a 325lb deadlift – which is a WPC junior world record deadlift. This program can enhance an athlete’s overall performance of strength and power for all ages, from youth to senior. Classic powerlifting performance: A systematic review. Aug 12, 2013 · Squat records are higher than DL records in powerlifting because you can get way more weight out of your wraps + suit in the squat than you can in the deadlift 08-12-2013, 10:16 PM #21 tsn3899 2XL Powerlifting LLC was founded by World Powerlifting Champion and WPC and APF referee Howard W Penrose, Ph. Equipment The WPC allows lifting gear with unlimited plies including denim, canvas, velcro and open back, briefs with legs and up to 2. 13. 2019 SouthSask Push Pull Month Date Meet Name Meet Location Meet Director Contact Entry Form/Information; October: 24-27: WPC / AWPC World Championships: Lombard, IL: Eric Stone: estone@2xlpowerlifting. The legendary WIlks Formula, the benchmark for determining relative Powerlifting performance, has been updated for 2020 onwards. Deadlift D. The WPC supports the interest of the lifter with constant review of the rules. По всем вопросам в Direct wa. The high quality IPF approved METAL powerlifting shoes without heels. WPC Finland. WPCCP, 2020- 08-22, Canada-BC, Western Canadian Championships, 36. The History of Powerlifting; The British Powerlifting Organisation then made a decision to move away from the WPC and they joined the World Powerlifting Federation. 3 Aug 2019 He also is tentatively planning to compete in the WPC Canadian-American Powerlifting Championships on Oct. All feds have good and bad points. I am 54 years old and about to compete at my second WPC World Championship in November 2016. ) to legendary Special Operations commanders and black-market biochemists. 5 kg Page 1 Apr 09, 2019 · Powerlifting chris_ottawa April 9, 2019, 7:49pm #1 Right now I’m using Titan Signature Golds, I think something at least equally thick but just with a little more stretch might be better and I hear these are both good wraps. June 28, 2020 Update on 2020 Nationals, Regionals, International, and Local. The Amateur World Powerlifting Congress (AWPC) is the drug tested division of the WPC. All British lifters may ONLY compete if they have qualilfied and recieved an invitation. Total (b) Competition takes place between lifters in categories defined by sex, bodyweight and age. H4Z 1B7. Oct 19, 2020 · Best Powerlifting Belt in 2020. Follow us for  The Canadian Powerlifting Federation (CPF) launched in 2010 to be the Canadian arm of the World Powerlifting Congress (WPC). EUC in box. D. 3b. M. He has represented Canada on the international stage at events such as Boss of Bosses, Raw Unity, WPC Worlds and the Arnold Sport Festival. Share WPC Worlds - Sat 10/24 A. Raw, Classic Raw, Single Ply and Multiply competition for athletes of Amateur World Powerlifting Congress – AWPC. These wraps are a step up from our Ultra Knee Wraps and harness the stored energy out of the bottom of your squat. The federation hosts competitions which allow multi-ply equipment, but hosted a Raw world championship for the first time in 2009. I won my division at the 2014 WPC USA Powerlifting Postpones 2020 Collegiate National Powerlifting Championships March 13, 2020 Regarding the Novel COVID-19 Virus and USA Powerlifting Events March 9, 2020 USA Powerlifting Welcomes New Member of The Executive Committee January 16, 2020 Ferland, PM and Comtois, AS. President – Bruce McIntyre President – Saul Salazar CCP Congreso Colombiano de Powerlifting The OpenPowerlifting project aims to create a permanent, accurate, convenient, accessible, open archive of the world's powerlifting data. WPC World Championships. Every serious equipped lifter has the WPO on their bucket list, and the CPF is the ONLY place in Canada that Canadian lifters can qualify (they can go to other WPC meets abroad to qualify as well)so if you're a Canadian lifter and are looking to qualify for the WPO, the CPF is your place to be. Save WPC Worlds - Sun 10/25 SPECTATORS to your collection. Committee; Non-Voting Roles WPC European Powerlifting and Single Lift Championships 2016, Stoke-on-Trent, lunes, 06. In his first official powerlifting meet, Greg set the national record in the bench press for both juniors and seniors on his opening attempt, lifting 342 pounds at a weight of 148 pounds. worldpowerliftingcongress. WPC World Champion Powerlifting; best lifter award at 242 (226. South African National Records. Update 05/08/2017: The venue for the Gauteng Championships is the Girls Gym at St Stithians College, 40 Peter Place, Randburg. Contact Us. 100% RAW Powerlifting Federation was established in 1999 with the goals to showcase Powerlifters safely competing with no special “support” equipment and to become the premier DRUG FREE Powerlifting Federation in the world. Announcements; Organization . but yeah, there are plenty of little guys with big-ass lifts, I read about this 165lbs. Comes with plastic protective covering. 19 Nov 2018 I did OK. Pete Kravtsov Kaliningrad region championship in powerlifting Kaliningrad 4 - 5 mar 2017. to 11. ” We pride ourselves on the fact that the vast majority of our officials are active lifters who appreciate fair and consistent judging. 24. The International Powerlifting Federation's (IPF) recognition by the International Olympic Committee as the official governing body, as well its longevity has resulted in their championships being deemed the official world championships, and the results Since 1981, Titan Support Systems Inc has been leading the charge in innovation and craftsmanship of Powerlifting and Strength products. Lifters in the CPF may lift raw with a belt only and wrist wraps for benching or in (UPDATED W/ VIDEO) The 1st Annual WPC/AWPC CanAm BenchPress Championships was a success. Results AcronymAttic has 189 unverified meanings for WPC. Save WPC Worlds - Sat 10/24 A. Free Returns 100% Satisfaction Guarantee Fast Shipping The guests range from super celebs (Jamie Foxx, Arnold Schwarzenegger, etc. EVANS Corey Canada 265. There was 8 days and nights of constant WPC Powerlifting. I got to train at Westside Barbell. A properly selected belt significantly increases workout safety and comfort. IPF is a huge fed, and the story on the syringes in the trash can was repoted as TRUE in Powerlifting USA, and they even printed a picture of the syringes in the trash can at the meet site, not to trash the IPF, but it did indeed happen, according to the reports. Still, figuring out which Weight lifting belt is the best can be difficult. There are also gyms in Finland under the METAL umbrella. Here is a typical “Bench day” of a WPC Ukranian lifter (I’m trained by one, and he personally knows many lifters : Yevhen Pavlov – equipped BP 285kg at 140kg bodyweight @ WPC Worlds Miami 2008 – he trains WITH him, and many others) : 1. Bench Press C. 00 – $ 65. WPC Great Britain WPC Slovakia As an athlete, he won many national and world titles in both powerlifting and strongman. ul. Upon her return home, The Ontarion sat down with Griffiths at her local gym to discuss her journey to success. 21 Jun 2003 2003 WPC Worlds: powelifting bench press pictures. Will add actual photos soon! </p><p>Nike Romaleos 4 Men's Powerlifting Weightlifting Shoes Size 7. They are usually used by advanced athletes who work with heavy weights. Hello all the Powerlifting competitors, officials and fans! Mark Henry: USPF Senior National Powerlifting Championships, 19-year-old Henry came second only to the legendary six-time World Powerlifting Champion Kirk Karwoski Konstantīns Konstantinovs : Konstantinovs won the 2002 WPC Junior World Powerlifting Championships and the 2003 GPC World Powerlifting Championships both in the 125 kilograms 5. May 20, 2011 · WORLD POWERLIFTING CONGRESS (WPC) AFFILIATE. 2XL Powerlifting • Lombard, IL. me/79244150000 Nov 13, 2019 · The meet was sponsored by the World Powerlifting Congress (WPC) and featured lifters from both Canada and the United States. Federation: Date: Location: Name: Lifters: Best Raw Lifter: Raw Wilks: Best Geared Lifter GPC - GLOBAL POWERLIFTING COMMITEE. 90 $ 58. In addition, the SAPF is a member of the International Powerlifting Federation recognised as "an affiliated National Federation". Drug Testing The WPC does not drug test, although its amateur affiliate, the AWPC does. These will definately add weight to your squat and are Multiple WPC World titles, WPO Champion 2019 , Squat 727, Bench 400, deadlift 529 7. This page is based on my best understanding of their published equipment rules. 5kg weight class and 18-19 and 20-23 age category Nov 11, 2019 · World Powerlifting’s 2019 World Championships weathered the storm of visa rejections blocking out nearly half the field to come through with a quality meet in the upscale venue of Calgary’s Winsport Olympic Centre. The CPF is an affiliate of the World Powerlifting Congress (WPC) with affiliates and competitions in 32 countries around the world. This film proofs that you can do powerlifting in competition level in any age you want,The old man showed us how to make deadlift in ag Western Pennsylvania Conservancy, a charity based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States Wildlife Preservation Canada , a wildlife conservation organization Wireless Power & Communication , a privately held company based in Norway 1. Send Message. Team Canada; Tag Archives: Team Canada. It was founded by USPA Hall of Fame lifter and coach, Liz Freel. Jókaiho 16 98401 Lučenec +421 918 28 11 54 WPC Canada WPC Croatian. 21 Nov 2018 He was thrown out of college at 15 and home at 16, but became a world champion powerlifter at 19. wpc powerlifting canada

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